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Our Sustainability Journey

Each pillar represents Sheng Siong’s commitments to create a sustainable and positive impact in the business, the workplace, the community and the environment.
Please refer to our annual Sustainability Report for more information.
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Care for Our Customers

Trends and technologies shift across the ebb and flow of time, but our customer-centric focus remains as Sheng Siong’s timeless imperative that embodies who we are as an eminent household name.
It’s the recognition and reciprocation of a symbiotic connection built over the years that motivates us to go further to bring you only the very best.
It’s about the satifaction of placing fresh healthfulness on your dinner plate, and bringing brighter smiles to your dining table.
It’s about pushing our boundaries to reach out even further to provide for your needs.
Simply put, it’s all for you.
As Singapore’s 3rd largest supermarket operator, we recognise our responsibility as the final gatekeeper in the supply chain to safeguard the health, safety and interests of our customers. Our promise to our customers is based on three core pillars:
Quality, Service and Prices.

Food Safety and Quality

Food safety has always been our main priority. Good maintenance of the cold chain is important for preserving the safety, freshness, shelf life, and quality of fresh and chilled food while reducing wastage arising from spoilage throughout the supply chain. We adopted Cold Chain Management in the storage and handling of our fresh produce since 2011. This covers major supply chain links including transportation, distribution as well as storage at our logistics centre and retail outlets.

Not only are our processing departments ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System certified, our management is also well represented in government-initiated working groups, task forces, and committees that keep us updated on new developments in food safety standard and practices.

As part of our Quality Assurance Programme, we have a self-test programme to check and review products that are prone to food safety issues. We send samples of products and fresh produce from our logistics centre regularly to an external lab for tests on microbial, chemical and pesticide residue levels.

Healthy Diet Options

We care about our impact on consumer health. That is why we aim to improve the health and nutritional standards of processed food products under our housebrands continuously. We partner with Health Promotion Board to encourage our customers to lead active and healthy lifestyles, as well as make healthier choices by choosing products with the Healthier Choice Symbols (HCS) while doing their daily grocery shopping.

Customer Satisfaction

Sheng Siong’s tagline “All for you” reflects our organization’s focus on customer care and service. It is one of the Group’s key objectives to improve consumer experience at all our retail outlets constantly. Some of our efforts include shortening queue lines, providing more cashless payment options, a more comfortable shopping environment, and more attractive promotions.

Affordability of Daily Necessities

We practice diversification in our sourcing and procurement strategy to ensure a sustainable supply of food and products at a stable and affordable price. Regular market research and benchmarking are also conducted to ensure that Sheng Siong provides the best value in a basket of essential goods. Since 2015, Sheng Siong has shown support for senior citizens with a 3% discount every Wednesday, and another 3% discount was introduced for the Merdeka Generation on Tuesdays in 2019. To help seniors cope with the rising inflation, Senior Citizens can now enjoy a 4% discount every Tuesday and Wednesday. In 2022 and 2023, we also offered a 1% counter-inflation discount from January-to-March to help our customers cope with the GST increment.