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Knowing your Tomatoes!

Tomatoes have long puzzled many people, causing confusion over whether they should be considered a fruit or a vegetable. While...

Classic Italian Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Have you read about our post on how to choose between Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Classic Olive Oil & Extra...

Sheng Siong Recruitment Comic in collaboration with E2i

🎉 Unveiling the Sheng Siong Recruitment Comic in collaboration with E2i 🎉 Get ready to embark on a captivating journey into the...

Happy Family Natural Honey meets Crunch: The Joy of Honey Cornflakes!

Hello fellow snack lovers! Get ready to be enchanted by the delightful and irresistible Honey Cornflakes - a match made...

Stir-fry Water Snowflake with Sweet Red Pepper

Welcome to the world of unique and exotic vegetables! In Taiwan, there is a remarkable vegetable that captivates both locals...

Kiwi Sorbet

Including Fruit Sorbet in children's daily diet is an excellent method to promote the consumption of fresh fruits regularly. Incorporating...


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As one of the cheapest supermarkets in Singapore, we always know what is a good bargain. We offer live, fresh and chilled produce, such as seafood, meat and vegetables. There are also packaged foods, general merchandise, and essential household products.
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Sheng Siong Show EP3 Winner List (SS 34)

Sheng Siong Show EP1 Winner List (SS 34)

Sales Representatives Impersonating as Sheng Siong Supermarket Personnel

Dear Suppliers, We have recently received reports from our trade partners regarding instances of individuals impersonating as Sheng Siong Sales...

Sheng Siong Group delivers a 3.7% increase in revenue for 3Q FY2023 with rising contribution from both new and existing stores

The Group’s operating costs increased due to a 10.2% yoy increase in administrative expenses driven by higher staff and utility...

Sheng Siong Show EP14 Winner List (SS 33)