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Our Sustainability Journey

Each pillar represents Sheng Siong’s commitments to create a sustainable and positive impact in the business, the workplace, the community and the environment.
Please refer to our annual Sustainability Report for more information.
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Business Excellence

No matter the hour, an extensive suite of operational processes, systems and initiatives run together like clockwork to deliver a great Sheng Siong experience.
“How do we go one step further to better that experience?”
The question is always at the forefront of our minds. It takes an openness to emergent ideas, a drive for constant self-evaluation and wholehearted collaborative effort with the right partners, all rounded out by seasoned expertise with a judicious prudence and acumen.
We may run a tight ship, but there’s always something bigger, better and brighter to strive for.
Strategic growth, financial performance, capital and risk management and sound governance have been the cornerstones of an excellent business. We, at Sheng Siong, continuously strive for business excellence in our value chain; which is critical for the sustainability of our business ina competitive and ever-changing environment. This includes containing and reducing costs via productivity and process improvements and investing in technology.
Some of the technologies and productivity measures we have undertaken include:
Electronic Shelf-Label (ESL)
Hybrid Self-Checkout System (HSCO)
Cash Management System
Unified Point-of-Sales (UPOS)
Stock Management System
Simple Teller Machine ($TM)
Supplier Portal
Self-Checkout (SCO)
Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)
Given the size of our retail network, we reap economies of scale from the improvements in operational efficiencies and business processes. This strengthens our commitment to being a forerunner in adopting new processes and technologies that improve productivity, simplify workflow, and enhance our customers’ experience.