Did you know that you can use tangerine peel as an ingredient in your brew? Simply wash and air dry the peel after consuming the fruit.

Tangerine Peel Tea (also known as Mandarin Peel) is a warm brew that helps to clear consistent cough and phlegm, and eliminate dampness in the stomach and upper abdominal. Adding different ingredients into the tea can also provide various benefits to our body.

Our recommended recipe includes goji berries, which can greatly improve eye and digestive health, red dates, a good source of Vitamin C and P, and Roselle, which is effective in lowering blood pressure. If you’re tired of trying to figure out what to drink to improve your health, give Tangerine Peel Tea a try. It’s an affordable and healthy option to improve your overall well-being.

Ingredients (Serving for 1):

4-5 Tangerine Peel

1 piece of Dried Roselle

5-10 pieces of Goji Berries

1-2 pieces of Red Dates

1 teaspoon of honey