Nasi Lemak is a traditional Malay dish that you can find in most of the local menus. It is popular with its fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk with pandan leaves, peanuts, fried anchovies, sliced cucumbers, and sweet chili sauce.   

Happy Family Nasi Lemak Chilli spices up your dish and leaves you with a sweet and spicy taste. It is truly flavorful as it contains anchovies. It is ready-to eat, convenient to be served anytime, anywhere.  

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Ingredients that you need:

  • Water 320ml
  • Coconut Milk 100ml
  • Pandan leaves (2-3 slices)

Other Ingredients:

  • Raw Peanuts 100g
  • Dried Anchovies 60-80g
  • Eggs


1. Add washed rice, water, coconut milk, salt and pandan leaves into rice cooker and let it cook.

2. Deep fry the raw peanuts.

3. Deep fry the dried anchovies.

4. Fry the eggs.

5. Served with 2 sliced cucumbers and Happy Family Sambal Nasi Lemak Chilli.