Including Fruit Sorbet in children’s daily diet is an excellent method to promote the consumption of fresh fruits regularly. Incorporating Kiwi into our meals is highly recommended due to the exceptional levels of Vitamins C, E, and K found in kiwis. These vitamins may potentially contribute to reducing the likelihood of children experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms. Moreover, it aids in maintaining a healthy heart by effectively managing blood pressure. Kiwi is an affordable and advantageous fruit suitable for individuals of all age groups.


  • Kiwis


  1. Start by peeling and slicing the desired amount of kiwis.
  2. Arrange the sliced kiwis in a single layer on a tray and place it in the freezer for one hour. Avoid freezing them for too long as it might make them too hard to blend.
  3. Blend the frozen kiwis until smooth.
  4. Garnish with fresh kiwi slices and your delicious treat is ready to be enjoyed