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HomeNiks 6-in-1 capsules are packed with concentrated cleaning power that tackle even the toughest stains. The formula works like a tiny laundry superhero, dissolving quickly and penetrating deep into fabric fibres to lift away dirt and grime, leaving your clothes spotlessly clean and fresh.

Say Goodbye to Germs:

The powerful formula eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, ensuring your clothes are hygienically clean and safe for the whole family, especially delicate skin.

Soften Up and Embrace the Snuggles:

Experience the luxury of soft and smooth clothes with HomeNiks 6-in-1 capsules, infused with a fabric softener that enhances the softness of your favorite outfits.

Rinse Away the Worries:

Specially formulated to dissolve completely, HomeNiks 6-in-1 capsules leave no residue behind.

A Fresh Start for Your Senses:

Laundry Day doesn’t have to be a smelly affair. HomeNiks 6-in-1 capsules come with a refreshing scent that leaves your clothes smelling fresh and delightful.

Beyond Clean, Fabric Care You Can Trust:

HomeNiks 6-in-1 capsules go beyond just cleaning. The gentle formula is designed to care for your fabrics, preventing fading, shrinking, and pilling. This means your clothes stay looking vibrant and new for longer, wash after wash.

So, ditch the laundry day blues and embrace the power of HomeNiks 6-in-1 Laundry Capsules!