The Sheng Siong Show

The Sheng Siong Show

Since its first premier show in 2007, the Sheng Siong Show has been a crowd favourite variety television game show in Singapore.

About The Sheng Siong Show

The Sheng Siong Show (缤纷万千在昇菘)is a long standing live TV variety game show broadcasted on Channel 8 on Saturdays during prime time. The show is hosted by Dasmond Koh and Kym Ng, and is popular among Singaporeans. The show rewards Sheng Siong’s customers with cash prizes through various game segments such as in-studio games, talent show competitions, outdoor cooking competitions, and attractive lucky draws.

To participate, customers simply have to complete the lucky draw forms printed at the bottom of their purchase receipts, and drop the completed receipts into the lucky draw boxes located at all Sheng Siong stores during the promotion period. Lucky customers may be picked to participate in the game segments or stand a chance to multiply his/her purchase amount in the hundredfold or thousandfold lucky draw.

The Sheng Siong Show also features performances by local and foreign artistes, promising an evening of fun and entertainment!

To find out more, please refer to our terms and conditions of participation.

Tips: Filling out the lucky draw forms can be a breeze! Download the SS Connect App, register for an account with your particulars, show the QR code or provide your registered mobile number to the cashier, and your entry form on the receipt will be automatically filled up for you!

Thank you for your support for the Sheng Siong Show.

We are pleased to announce the winners from our weekly draw. Congratulations to all winners and thank you for shopping with us!

All winners during the “live” call-out game segment will be contacted after the show (by phone) and then notified by post. Contestants who took part in other game segments will be notified by post on prize collection.

Highlights of the Show

Wish to watch the Show Live or catch your favourite artistes perform?

You may obtain *FREE entry tickets to The SHENG SIONG SHOW at MediaCorp by mailing your request to:

Sheng Siong Group Ltd.

(Ref: Entry Tickets to Sheng Siong Show)

Address: 6 Mandai Link, Singapore 728652

In your mail, please remember to enclose:

(1) AT LEAST ONE self-addressed, postage-paid envelope (EACH postage-paid envelope willbe entitled to ONE PAIR of tickets)

(2) Your contact number

(3) # The date of the show you wish to attend

Please note that Sheng Siong requires 5 working days from receiving date of your enquiry to ensure proper mailing of the tickets to your address before the day of the show.


# We shall try our best to fulfil your wish, but is not able to provide full guarantee that you may get tickets to the show on the specific date you requested. We sincerely apologise in advance.


想索取免费入门票, 观赏现场直播综艺节目《缤纷万千在昇菘》吗?


Sheng Siong Group Ltd


地址:6 Mandai Link, Singapore 728652


(1) 至少一个回邮信封(必须贴上邮票), 每个回邮信封将可获得两张入门票

(2) 您的电话号码, 以便在需要时联络您.

(3) #您希望出席的节目日期


* 门票有限,先到先得。

# 我们会尽量满足您的要求,但不能确保您指定的日期一定有门票。在此,我们先行致歉。

What do we do with the lucky draw forms after the Show?

Many customers are curious about what we do with the lucky draw forms after the Sheng Siong Show? No, we do not sell these forms to other parties nor scan them to collect information. They are transported back to our HQ and shredded in a timely manner. We respect customers’ data privacy and strive to uphold the trust that customers placed in us in protecting their personal information.

Our Lucky Draw Slips Disposal Process