Dear Customers, If you have been seeing a Facebook adpost asking you to “register for our brand new outlets and enjoy the $1000 vouchers”, we would strongly advise you not to click on it, as this is not created or endorsed by Sheng Siong. It is a misleading adpost created by the fake Facebook account “Sheng Siong” ( ; @shengsiong.01). It has been impersonating as Sheng Siong Supermarket and buying Facebook ads. If you click on the Facebook adpost, you will be directed to fill in your details on a form hosted on “” ( Kindly be reminded not to share your personal data on these sites as they may use your data inappropriately. You could assist by reporting scam on the adpost. We would like to remind you to only trust information shared on our official Facebook page:, or our official website: . Thank you. Best Regards, Sheng Siong Management