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Frequently Asked Questions

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We DO NOT HAVE any “loyalty card” or “membership card”.

At Sheng Siong, we strive to provide the best value to our customers. Instead of administering costs heavy loyalty programmes, we believe in translating these benefits directly by giving our customers the best bargains through everyday-low-prices, safe and quality products, and excellent service.

We work closely with our partners like the credit card companies and banks to provide rebates to our customers. Examples are the “BOC Sheng Siong Visa Card”, “Diners Sheng Siong Credit Card”, “POSB Everyday Card” and “Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card”.

You may obtain *FREE entry tickets to The SHENG SIONG SHOW at MediaCorp by:

Mailing your request to:

Sheng Siong Group Ltd.

(Ref: Entry Tickets to Sheng Siong Show)

6 Mandai Link

Singapore 728652

In your mail, please remember to enclose:

  • AT LEAST ONE self-addressed, postage-paid envelope (EACH postage-paid envelope will be entitled to ONE PAIR of tickets)
  • Your contact number
  • #The date of the show you wish to attend

Please note that Sheng Siong requires 5 working days from receiving date of your enquiry to ensure proper mailing of the tickets to your address before the day of the show.


# We shall try our best to fulfil your wish, but we may not be able to provide full guarantee that you may get tickets to the show on the specific date you requested. We sincerely apologise in advance.

All winners who had participated in Sheng Siong’s promotions (lucky draws) will be NOTIFIED BY POST. To claim the prizes, winners need to produce our original notification letter together with photocopies of their NRIC (for ID verification and official records).

Preferred Credit Cards at Sheng Siong include:

  • BOC Sheng Siong Visa Card
  • Diners Sheng Siong Credit Card
  • POSB Everyday Card
  • Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card

More information on preferred credit cards can be found here.

Sheng Siong may provide delivery service for bulk purchases. Please check with the store directly for more information.

YES! You may order groceries and fresh produce online via Sheng Siong Online, and have them delivered to your home!

The service is available to limited areas in Singapore. More areas will be covered in future as Sheng Siong continues to develop its service.

“$tm” (Simple Teller Machine) is the first “recycling” cash withdrawal machine in Singapore launched by Sheng Siong. We recycle the cash collection from the supermarket to the $tm machines, and users can withdraw money from their bank accounts using their DBS, POSB, OCBC or UOB ATM cards. We have also partnered with cash-withdrawal app developer SoCash to allow customers to withdraw cash from our $TM. The $tm are conveniently located at our supermarkets and is a convenient means of cash withdrawal for our customers and the residents. The location of $TM can be found here.

“SS Connect” (Sheng Siong Connect) is a customer loyalty portal where we can connect with our customers and provide value-added services. Customers can have their lucky draw particulars automatically filled in on the receipt, when they show the QR code on their mobile application or provide their registered mobile number to cashiers during payment. Customers are able to view their purchase history, receive latest promotions and scan QR codes on product tags to view more product information. SS Connect Mobile Application is currently the first among local supermarkets that allow customers to view their purchase history.

We envision SS Connect to play the role of a shopping assistant to our customers and see ourselves adding more exciting functions and features in the near future.

To download SS Connect on your mobile phone, click here.

Customers may purchase grocery shopping vouchers from Sheng Siong. Our vouchers are available in S$5 and S$10 denominations. And the best part? Our vouchers never expires!

For Senior Citizens aged 60 years old and above:

Enjoy a special *4% discount every Tuesday and Wednesday. Simply present your NRIC/PG card as proof of identity to the cashier upon payment to be entitled for the discount.

*Terms & Conditions apply:

  1. The discount is applicable to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 60 above only.
  2. Limited to $200 per receipt for eligible customers.
  3. Excludes infant formula milk powder, tobacco & alcohol products, phone cards, bulk purchases, medicinal products and devices (including ART test kits), vouchers and lottery products.
  4. We reserve the rights to alter any terms and conditions without prior notice.

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在昇菘,我们致力于提供最好的价值给顾客。与其投入成本高昂的忠诚计划,我们将这些好处 转化成物超所值、安全和品质良好的产品及优良的服务给顾客。

我们与信用卡公司及银行合作,让顾客在本超市购物时享有购物回扣。像是,通过“中银昇菘卡”、 “大来昇菘信用卡”、“储蓄银行日惠卡”和“花旗银行SMRT VISA白金卡”。


Sheng Siong Group Ltd.


6 Mandai Link

Singapore 728652


  • 至少一个回邮信封(必须贴上邮票),每个回邮信封将可获得两张入门票
  • 联络号码
  • #您希望出席的节目日期


* 门票有限,先到先得。

# 我们会尽量满足您的要求,但不能确保您指定的日期一定有门票。在此,我们先行致歉。

所有参加昇菘促销(幸运抽奖)的得奖者,将会获得书面通知。得奖者在领取奖金和奖品时,须出示通知信,同时提供身份证影印本(作为身份核实及书面记录 )。


  • 中银昇菘信用卡
  • 大来昇菘信用卡
  • 新加坡储蓄银行日惠卡
  • 花旗银行SMRT VISA白金卡



有!您可以上网Sheng Siong Online 订购杂货和新鲜食材,就能送货到府上!


“$tm”(简易提款机)是昇菘推出的提款机,也是本地第一台能提供提款服务的现金循环机。昇菘将超市所收到的现金循环到$tm使用, 用户可以使用星展银行、储蓄银行、华侨银行或大华银行的提款卡取钱。昇菘也与提款应用程序开发商SoCash合作,允许客户从$tm提款。这些$tm都位于昇菘超市,方便顾客和居民提款。请点击此处查询$tm的位置。

“SS Connect” (Sheng Siong Connect) 是一个顾客忠诚平台,让昇菘与顾客联系,并提供其他加值服务。顾客只要在付款时,向收银员出示手机应用上的QR码,或提供所注册的手机号码,收据上的抽奖表格就会自动填好顾客的个人详情。顾客也能透过SS Connect的手机应用程序查看购物记录、最新促销及扫描产品的QR码获取更多产品讯息。SS Connect是本地超市中首个能让顾客查看购物记录的手机运用程序。

我们期待SS Connect能扮演顾客的购物助理,不久的将来也会在SS Connect添加更多的功能。

欲在手机上下载SS Connect,请点击此处





  1. 此项折扣只限60岁以上的新加坡公民和永久居民。
  2. 此项折扣的最高消费顶额以每张收据200元为限。
  3. 不包括婴儿配方奶粉、烟、酒、电话卡、批量采购、医药物品和器材(包括ART抗原快速检测)、昇菘礼券及彩票。
  4. 我们保留随时更改条件及规则的权利,恕不另行通知。