Dear Customers, 

Due to safe distancing measures, we hope you can bring your lucky draw entry home to fill up. On your next shopping trip, just submit your completed entry into the lucky draw box will do. 

Also, you can download the SS Connect App! The SS Connect App  saves you the hassle from writing your particulars on the receipt for the draw. After you have registered on the app, just let our cashier scan your QR code at your next purchase, and the receipt generated will have your particulars printed and you can submit the entry into the box right away. 

Besides getting your particulars filled up, you can also check on the latest promotions and your purchase history from this app. 



另外,您也能下载我们的SS Connect应用!SS Connect 能省下填写抽奖表格的麻烦。只要注册应用后,下次购物让收银员扫描您的QR码,您的个人资料就会自动列印在抽奖表格上。 

除此之外,您也能从SS Connect查询最新的促销及购物记录。