Ketupat is an Indonesia traditional dish that consists of white rice tightly packed inside young coconut leaf, woven into a diamond shape.

Ketupat is often paired with stewed meat, Rendang and curry and is easily prepared by just heating up the rice cake.

Its name symbolizes “admitting of one’s mistakes” in Javanese “Ngaku Lepat” and resembles asking for forgiveness tradition during the Hari Raya festive. The outer wrapping represents the mistakes and the inner white rice represents the purity of humans.


Lemang is a traditional food that is often eaten at the end of fasting during Hari Raya festival. Lemang consist of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt that are usually wrapped in banana leaves and kept in a section of bamboo tube.

The purpose of the banana leaves is to prevent the glutinous rice from sticking on the bamboo tube.

Lemang are often served with Rendang and curry.


Lepat is a festive rice dumpling that consists of sticky rice, peanut or red bean and coconut milk in young coconut leafy or banana leaf. It is richer in flavor compared to Lontong and also stickier.

It is wrapped in cylinder shape with string, resembling a dumpling.

Lepat is usually eaten as snacks during Hari Raya festival.

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