Do you know that this dessert can help reduce phlegm and ease coughs caused by the common cold?

Ingredients (Per bowl serving):

1 Piece of Fragrant Pear (You may also use Golden Pear, Nam Shui Pear or Gong Pear etc)

5 to 10 pieces of Goji Berries

1 piece of Chinese Red Date

1 to 2 small cube of Rock Sugar (Depending on the size of the pear)

½ bowl of Drinking water


  1. Peel the skin of Pear (Preferred for easy consumption)
  2. Cut of the top part (1 finger spacing from the fruit stalk)
  3. Use a tea spoon to remove the core
  4. Fill the Chinese Red Date and Rock sugar in the pear.
  5. Put the pear in a bowl and sprinkle Goji Berries around it.
  6. Fill the water into the pear (excess water will be within the bowl) and cover the top part back
  7. In a pot, fill with water up to an inch below height of bowl, then put on high heat and wait for water to boil. Adjust to medium heat, and put in the bowl of pear to cook for 45mins.
  8. You can serve it warm or let it cool to room temperature and refrigerate