With the scorching weather nowadays, it is essential to keep ourselves hydrated and pumped with Vitamin Cs! Here is a simple recipe on how to keep both you and your family healthy and cool under such weather!

Ingredients (Per litre serving):

1 piece of Pomegranate Fruit

10 pieces of fresh Lychee (Canned Lychees could be used too)

½ cup of ice

2-3 cans of soda drink


1)          Cut open the pomegranate: Use a sharp knife to cut off the top of the pomegranate. Holding the fruit, you will notice that there are 5-6 gentle ridges in its surface. Use your knife to make thin slits along those ridges. After you make the cuts, use your hands to peel the fruit open and gently divide it into segments. Remove the seeds with your hands.

3)          Peel Lychee (remove the seeds if needed)

4)          Fill Lychee in the cup/jar

5)          Pour ½ cup of ice

6)          Fill the soda drink