MeadowLea® has been loved for over 80 years!

It’s made from the goodness of natural plant seeds and grown in the fields that first inspired the brand’s name.

Spread Happiness with the range of great tasting spreads, perfect for sandwiches, toast, cooking and baking.

– at least 65% less saturated fat than butter

– A source of Omega 3 grown from plant seeds

– No artificial colours or flavours

Club Sandwiches by Meadow Lea

Try making some delectable sandwiches with MeadowLea® margarine spread! The club sandwich is a decadent lunch alternative that will impress and delight your diners. It can also be served with toasted or fresh bread, cut in quarters or halves or layered with an additional slice of bread.      

Ingredients: Portions below are for making 10 sandwiches         

Amount               Name

2kg                         Chicken tenderloins

4g                           Salt

2g                           Pepper

150mL                  Olive Oil

20each                 Rashes Bacon

10each                 Eggs (60g)

150g                      Meadow Lea Margarine

10g                        Garlic cloves peeled.

200mL                  Praise Classic Mayonnaise

20each                 Any sliced bread

1kg                         Tomato

400g                      Rocket

300g                      Cheese (sliced)

Step 1                  

Using a hot pan, garnish your tenderloins with salt, pepper and olive oil, coating well. Brown off the chicken.                         

Step 2                  

Fry your bacon rashes and your egg and leave to the side with your chicken.                         

Step 3                  

Mince the garlic finely and mix in with the Praise Classic Mayonnaise to make an aioli. To assemble to sandwich, spread your Meadow Lea Margarine and the aioli onto each slice of bread.                          

Step 4                  

Add the rocket, sliced tomato and sliced cheese. Add the egg, chicken tenderloins and the bacon.                                                                                                                              

Step 5                  

Serve with chips.